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A Summer's Tale: Haras Dos Cavaleiros

Life at Haras Dos Cavaleiros is always exciting when you are working with pure bred Lusitanos. Nestled in the gorgeous Texas countryside of Magnolia, TX, the Haras Hacienda is the home of these beautiful horses known for their strength, power, and agility all across the globe.

When Rafael Chavez and Carmina Zamorano fell in love with the Lusitano, they didn’t realize that this would lead to the establishment of one of the foremost breeding farms in the nation. In fact, Haras Dos Cavaleiros won the Best Breeder of the Lusitano Award for the past four years! Rafael and Carmina have led the way for the popularity of the sport of Working Equitation in the United States. So we decided to share a glimpse into lives of our Lusitanos at the Hacienda.

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