Photoshoot Miss Houston at Haras Hacienda

More than a model, role model" says Natalie Castillo, Director of Miss Houston Latina Organization. Beauty pageants are not only about outer beauty but also about personality and character of each contestant. This is absolutely true about the Miss Houston Latina contestants who spent the day at the Haras Hacienda. Their first stop was at the Haras Spa. They wanted their makeup and hair to look picture perfect for the fashion shoot with photographers LGM Portraits, Reinaldo Medina Photography, Horande Photo, Duy Tran Photography, and videographer EP Films.

Their outfits were provided by Anki USA. The contestants were given an opportunity to get to know each other better and interact with each other to build camaraderie. The beauty and the tranquility of the Haras Hacienda is a perfect backdrop for photo shoots such as this. Last Sunday, we welcomed 25 Miss Houston Latina contestants and 4 photographers for a fashion shoot at the Hacienda. These gorgeous and gracious young women spent their Sunday taking full advantage of the weather and the fabulous landscapes.

During their break, they walked over to Haras restaurant for brunch. Over coffee, mimosas, and our signature pancakes, they laughed, relaxed, and got ready for the second round of shooting. With pristine lawns and sparkling lake shores, the girls were inspired and fully embraced their surroundings.

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