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Father’s Day, Horses, and Brunch!

Can you believe Father’s Day is in a few weeks? June 18th is just around the corner! We are sure one of the best memories of growing up was going to the park to throw the ball or screaming out in joy and fear  as he pushed your swing as high as you wanted! It didn't matter if you played softball or baseball, swimming or soccer, he was there with your mom cheering you on and treating you to your favorite ice cream after the game. And who can forgot going to the ballpark to watch the Astros play? So this Father’s Day, be sure to make it extra special for him. 


Haras Hacienda has some special things going on this Father’s Day that will help make your dad’s day a memorable one. This year, the Haras Hunter Jumper Show is on the 17th and the18th and  it is beautiful to witness the teamwork and the relationship between the horse and the rider as they compete in this show. The arena at the Hacienda is a great place to hang with your dad, watch the exciting competition, and enjoy a beer or a coke. It also has a great playground for the kids with a concession stand close by if they are in need of a snack! And of course, treat your dad to the best Father’s Day brunch at the Haras Restaurant. We have some special dishes created just for dad that includes Crab Empanadas, Chiles Enogada Chicken Alfredo, Bar-be-que Brisket sandwiches, Chimichurri Steak, and so much more! So don't forget to contact us:

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