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Julian Gil at Haras Hotel

Last week, the Haras Haras Hacienda was buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Julian Gil. A renowned Argentinian actor, model, TV host, he recently added entrepreneur to his list of accomplishments. Julian was in Houston as a part of the national promotional tour with Walgreens for his company Carson Life, a natural health and beauty products company.

According to Julian, one of the highlights of his Houston trip was his stay at the Haras Hotel. Located on the grounds of the Portuguese inspired Haras Hacienda in Magnolia, TX, this inviting hotel is an escape from the busy city. One of the best parts of his stay was enjoying his morning coffee on the balcony overlooking some stunning views of the lush property. Julian felt that he was in a small corner of Europe and not in the Texas countryside. He took time to visit Haras Dos Cavaleiros and meet our trainers and pure breed Portuguese Lusitano horses.

Julian’s trip was packed with public appearances and meetings. After two events at Walgreens last Friday, Mio Boutique held an exclusive private party for him with leading influencers and bloggers of Houston. During all three of these events, he emphasized the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and with his Carson Life skincare, haircare, weight loss products and vitamins “the power of nature is in the palm of your hands.” We wish him all the best and we are looking forward to his next visit to Houston and the Haras Hacienda.

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