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Build your beautiful memories with us

Spring has arrived, and we know what that means. Wedding Season! Imagine a horse driven carriage taking you to meet your beloved for your fairy tale ceremony. A wedding at the Haras Hacienda in the gorgeous Texas countryside is the perfect place for your peaceful and romantic day. Modernity and tradition come together at the Hacienda.

With its Spanish architecture, contemporary lighting, and stylish décor, it is a truly special and unique setting for your wedding and reception. Located in Magnolia, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city but without the costs of travel for a typical destination wedding. With the chapel on the lake, you can either plan for an intimate gathering or a bigger celebration.

The grounds include the Haras hotel, restaurant, and a salon. We have talented and experienced makeup artists and hairstylists on site who will make you and your bridal party look picture perfect for your big day, without the worries of excess travel. Our chef at the Haras restaurant knows a thing or two about serving up a wedding feast bursting with seasonal flavors and taste. We offer several bridal packages so please call us at 281. 259.4861 to visit our venue.

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