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Horses, Hats, and all that is Fabulous! 

No one celebrates a woman with a fabulous hat like we do! For us, Mint Juleps, horses, and Derby hats are an integral part of the Fall social calendar. The Haras Cup is one of the equestrian and social highlights of the year for horse lovers across the continents. This 4th annual event will be held from October 24th-29, 2017 at Haras Hacienda in Magnolia, Texas. The Haras Cup is renowned for its social events ranging from the "Horses and Goddesses" Gala to the Derby Hat Contest. This year the gala will be held on October 28th while the Derby Hat contest will be held on October 29th. The judges will include prominent fashionistas, journalists, and philanthropists. We are so excited for this year’s competition because our head judge is none other the leading Texas socialite and philanthropist Becca Thrash! 

This event is open to the public and anyone can enter and show off their hat! You will want to show your best, because the prizes range from exquisite jewelry to delicious wine. Come join us for the competition and grab our signature Haras brunch! With food, live entertainment, and great shopping, this event is something you won’t want to miss.

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