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Peaceful Productivity

Globalization has played an important role in changing the corporate world in the United States. In their attempt to attract the crème del a crème, businesses across the country are restructuring the way they address the work culture at their offices and their relationships with international business partners and clients.The boring team building retreats and meetings have given way to well thought out and well planned events to build camaraderie and long term productive business partnerships. According to Industry specialists, the venue and ambience are of utmost importance these days. First impressions always count as much in corporate America as they do in all aspects of our lives. They set the tone of the meetings and team building retreats.

You definitely want such corporate events away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Inspired by Spanish architecture, the Haras Hacienda in Magnolia, TX is only 45 minutes from downtown right off of the Grand Parkway and the perfect venue for your event. Surrounded by beautifully lush and landscaped grounds, the Haras Hacienda includes the Haras Hotel, Restaurant , and a media room. The calm and peaceful ambience is infinitely suited to foster a positive morale among employees and a productive relationship with partners and clients. The large fully equipped media room is ideally suited to hold the meetings and the windows allow for the sunlight to stream in making the room airy and bright. We think this leads to creativity and spontaneity. The Haras Restaurant will definitely delight the food connoisseurs in the group. The outdoor arena or the indoor one would be a perfect spot for some healthy sports challenges which are sure to encourage the groups to work as team. Lastly and very importantly, during such meetings and retreats , the management focuses on discussing the strategies and agenda for the company to move forward. So when you put all the reasons together, you realize why the venue and ambience are so crucial in today’s business world.

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